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Muoti+Kauneus magazine issue 7-1993

Fashion is all about the ever changing trends. Everything has been done at least once before and stuff comes back in style in cycles. Maybe not exactly the way it was on the last time round, but still, it comes back and has been done before. Tracking trends to their original source and through different versions would be an intresting but difficult mission as your digital trail pretty much ends to year 1999. I found this photo scanned by Tant C from Flickr Inspiration Books group pool. It is a look from a Finnish sewing and fashion magazine called Muoti+Kauneus, wayyyy back from issue 7/1993. Apparently the DIY t-shirt shredding trend I´ve written loads about in the last year might not be originally by Brazilian designer Raquell Allegra, but a re-cycle from an older technique represented for the younger generation. And I have to say, 17 years has done it. The new generation has accepted this technigue much stronger than in the early 90s. Do you remember wearing shredded tees or seeing other people wear them in your younger years? I sure don´t. But I do now :)

P.S. Check out Tant C´s Inspiration book collages. I love the way this girl reads, cuts and pastes her magazine clippings.
P.P.S. And if you have any old magazines at home from 90s and 80s, flip them through. Let me know if you see anything familiar.
P.P.P.S. If you have this issue on Muoti+Kauneus, please send it to me.

page 134
page 136

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I don't remember this technique specifically, but I do remember being obsessed with this webby, semi-sheer texture in the 90s. Well, I never really got over it, honestly. I loved grunge and I loved goth and I've been wearing my motorcycle boots with lacy party dresses for a decade. =) But what's more surprising and funny is that lately I have really been looking for a nice, preferably BIG boyarka hat - and here this gal is, wearing something similar. I didn't remember that from the 90s, but I guess it must have been there, too!

    PS I was so sorry to hear those mary janes went missing; I'll keep my fingers crossed for better luck next time you are selling things!!