Vogue US Oct 2003 Steven Meisel 07

This is still one of my favorite Vogue editorials of all time.. The color combinations, styling and makeup is just off the charts. Via Moodboard, a great blog for interior and fashion inspiration.

Images from US Vogue Magazine October 2003
Photography: Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor: Camilla Nickerson

Vogue US Oct 2003 Steven Meisel 06
Vogue US Oct 2003 Steven Meisel 11
Vogue US Oct 2003 Steven Meisel 01
Vogue US Oct 2003 Steven Meisel 03
Vogue US Oct 2003 Steven Meisel 04

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Värit, päähineet...kaikki! <3 Me likes! :D

  2. very cool. definitely liked how they mixed the different textures with the unusual colors. intersting editorial.

  3. very inspiring indeed, but I really have to criticize the usage of fur. Cruelty is never fashionable!

  4. Vogue fall issues are all about designer furs.. I use fur only if it is secondhand. My point here was mainly the color combo inspiration and styling tips for winter thrift store shopping fashionistas.

  5. Wow! I really wish I could work color like that...