DIY Sharpie Chanel

DIY Sharpie Chanel tee by Luxenoir 1
DIY Sharpie Chanel tee by Luxenoir 2

Sharpies are the bomb. They are like the swiss army knifes of DIY fashion - handy to have around and will bail you out of any DIY fashion dilemmas. The CC-logo clould also be drawn to cover some other logo or print. Sharpie Chanel tee by Luxenoir, via Bumblesea.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I made one of those sharpie Chanel tees too! (Except on mine I put "CAVORT MORE" instead of "Cavour Roma" and my initials.) I was surprised at how well it turned out!
    See it at:

    Sharpies are da bomb!

  2. Hi I stumbled across your blog via chic steals blog and just wanna say I think it is awesome. Im quite new to the blogging scene but plan to do DIY tutorial and stuff eventual. You have such style and creativity Thanks for bringing it to the blogging world (and me!)

  3. Really like this one, especially the part where they left the logo unfinished, might have a go at it as well...

  4. freakin genius!
    i'm totally going to make an YSL version of this too! haha