Balmain SS2010 zipper jacket

Balmain SS2010 zipper jacket 2 2

Just lost my marbles complitely at Luisaviaroma... Seeing the details in this Balmain SS2010 zipper jacket blows my mind. I must make one for myself... My favorite part of it is that the zipper pulls have been left to the zips (you don´t need to take most of them apart) and plastic covered zipper ends are complitely visible! It just makes the pinning so much easier and the sewing can be done mostly with machine! Much faster than how I usually work my zipper necklaces. If the jacket you´re working with has a lining, it needs to be opened up from the hem and sleeves first before you start pinning. The easiest way is to make this to a jacket that has no lining.

Also these Balmain destroyed sweatshirts and tees are on my summer DIY list. They require just some rough sand paper and scissors!!

Balmain SS2010 zipper jacket 2 3
Balmain SS2010 zipper jacket 2 5
Balmain SS2010 zipper jacket 2 4

Balmain SS2010 destroyed t-shirt 2
Balmain SS2010 destroyed t-shirt 1
Balmain SS2010 destroyed chain sweatshirt 1
Balmain SS2010 destroyed chain sweatshirt 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I like the way one can tell that the grey garment is simple college material, but the holes, shoulderpads and chainmail added give it a new look, that doesn't hide what cheap material it actually is, but bring it to a completely different level without compromising the wearability. I love it!

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