Trashion TV spotlight

MTV3 45 Minutes OutsaPop trashion interview 2

Yey! Finnish MTV3 45 Minutes news program interviewd me a couple of weeks ago and the story came out today! In prime-time national TV.. I still cannot believe it. If you want to watch it my bit comes in at 46:40. The whole thing was shot in my apartment so here´s a chance also to see my home and where I work and blog. They also released a written story on 45 Minutes website. All of it is in Finnish unfortunately, but Í've been told it sounds funny to you non-Finns :D Thanks MTV3 so much for the interview!

As a small bonus, check out my Flickr gallery for a photo-tutorial on the denim covered jars that I use for craft supplies storage. You can see them on the video.

DIY denim jars tutorial - step 9

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Eksyin kanavalle vahingossa ja oli huippua huomata ko.haastattelu juuri meneillään! Muikeat onnittelut :)

  2. the video doesn't start and i won't even try the written interview in swedish :(

  3. Congratulations! Lovely to see the zipper necklace that I have has gone on to have an extended life!

  4. I'd love to see the video, but doesn't seem to be working! Cheap and chic designer denim storage jars, what a fab idea..