It´s not easy being green

I´m loving this new wave of It gets better video campaigning for human rights. In this case the right to be who you are with out being ridiculed, dicriminated or bullied. It Gets Better is an online video channel founded in September 2010, in response to the suicides of a number of teenagers who were bullied because they were gay or because their peers suspected that they were gay. Its goal is to prevent suicide among LGBT youth by having gay adults convey the message that these teens' lives will improve. The project is now organized on its own website, the It Gets Better Project, and includes more than 3,000 entries from adults of all sexual orientations, including many celebrities. Kermit The Frog is one of my childhood favorites. He´s also involved in the campaign with his own message, "It´s not easy" I agree. But we try. And through effort comes success and inspiration. And we all need inpiration for creation.

Outi Les Pyy

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