Pequeños Héroes by Cecilia Sörensen


Cecilia Sörensen knows eco fashion. After studying couture in her home town Helsinki, she went to Barcelona to continue her studies in fashion, graduating in 2001. Her “immaculate, sensual, romantic and pure” clothes bagged her the Young Designer of the Year award from ModaFAD of Barcelona. A meeting of light understated Scandinavian styles and the dynamic shapes of Mediterranean fashion inspire her designs. She also combines masculine and feminine styles. After the success of her solo mark, Cecilia went on to launch a second line, Pequeños Héroes (Little Heroes). It is a sustainable fashion collection made of recycled men’s shirts, blazers, waistcoats, antique sheets and other recycled materials coupled with new environmentally friendly materials and local production. My favorite is her way to design and form shirts. She really makes refashioning look good. Chic.

Cecilia-Sorensen-customized shirts

Her designs are now sold in Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Finland and Japan. For more info go to Cecilia Sörensen or read her interview from Barcelona Reporter.

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