Elton John moment

Mercura eyewear photographed by Lara Jade

The time for using sunglasses in Finland is in the past as we´re heading into the cold dark winter.. But look at these babies! Lara Jade took some amazing shots (above) from Mercura NYC eyewear and they are looking smoking hot. With a pair of secondhand frames and a hot glue gun you can make stuff like this at home. If this Elton John moment is too much for your delicate fashion sence (although I don´t see why, as there's nothing like a sassy pair of extravagant shades to pair with your LBD), you can also make the frames to a necklace. Un-screw the hindges and glue some chain on the top part of the frame. Oh, and did I mention these kinds of glasses are the key accessory to any Lady GaGa fashion splash..? No? They are. Just remember to add some unnecessarily large neck chain and you're all set.

Mercura NYC sunglasses 6
Mercura NYC sunglasses 8
Mercura NYC sunglasses 7

(NOTICE the chain manicure in the photos above!!!)

Mercura NYC sunglasses 3
Mercura NYC sunglasses 2
Mercura NYC sunglasses 1

Outi Les Pyy

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