Balmain SS11 details

balmain SS2011 detail 1

I adore the punk rock detailing and styling in Balmain Summer 2011 collection. These runway shots show the details a bit closer. Start stocking up on studs and safety pins now.. Over the top embellishments like this will cost too much for cheap brands to make for their own collections so if you covet one, DIY or save up for the originals. The base garment should be an 80´s vintage leather, denim jacket or a wool blazer as the newer and thinner 2000-polyester-shit-versions just can't hold together with this much metal. If you look at the images closer, the studs are first attached to pieces of leather and then pinned to the garments with tens of safety pins. Leather will get holes on each pierced pin and stud so there is no way you can take these out after the season is gone. I'd keep them there anyway. Studded jackets are a DIY punk classic and I for one refuse to ever grow so old that I could not wear one.

Photos via Tobacco & Leather

balmain SS2011 detail 2
balmain SS2011 detail 5
balmain SS2011 detail 3

Outi Les Pyy

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