DIY burlesque nipple pasties T-shirt

(IN)DECOROUS TASTE pin up pasties t-shirt 2

The girls at (IN)DECOROUS TASTE have just my kind of sence of humor. They made this burlesque styled nipple pasties t-shirt! I know.. Cool, huh? I love show girls and all that, but propably would not ever be caught in the public in plain pasties with me titties all out. This is the best solution. The large t-shirt covers just them and much more, is graphic design looking, funny as hell and did I say it already(?) cool as ice. To make this you´ll need a large t-shirt, sequinned ribbon and two nipple-looking buttons or small tassels (in case you want to roll it). Sew them on by hand. Wear with long satin gloves. Check. Via (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.

(IN)DECOROUS TASTE pin up pasties t-shirt 3
(IN)DECOROUS TASTE pin up pasties t-shirt 4
(IN)DECOROUS TASTE pin up pasties t-shirt 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Gosh... I love the style, and I love your hair!


  2. LMC, It´s no me in the pictures :) But I love her hair style too!!

  3. Heee...
    Seen the Hairy underwear collection?

  4. Great n fun idea! Really like your styling!

    Greetz, Glitzerpony