Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

I´ve done loads of post lately on creativity, inspiration and the will power to manifest your ideas into life. For me they are an important step towards DIY as you need to be inspired and believe in your vision (or just be curious) when you start to create something with your own hands. Many adults think that DIY requires ability, a certain education or training, but they are so wrong. All you need is courage and inspiration. The rest will be learned through trial and error and your own mind processing all the things you´ve done. Creative thinking is something that all people need in all aspects of life. If one develops and keeps up this innovative mind that we all have as a child I believe we can do anything.

I friend of mine told me to listen a few of Sir Ken Robinsons speeches at TED. He has a truly wonderfull way of thingking and gave a lot of new ideas. He says "Creativity now is as important in education as literacy." Hear hear! "Children aren´t affraid to take chances. If they don´t know, they'll have a go. They are not affraid of being wrong. If you're affraid of being wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." And he continues, "We don´t grow into crativity (in schools). We grow out of it."

So let´s go out there this week, try on new things, make some mistakes and possibly come up with something new and exiting!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Viva creative revolution! Do what you love! this is very inspiring. thankyou

  2. 2 of my favourites TEDs,always inspires me. cheers