Cape shirt

Neo Romanticismo By Grogory Derkenne Amica Nov 2010

Shirt with a cape. Cut out the sleeves. Take two or three other shirts and sew their bodice parts togather. Gather the top edge and sew onto the sleeveless shirt.

Inspiration editorial: Neo romanticismo
Magazine: Amica November 2010
Models: Magdalena Jasek, Dovile Virsilaite, Lotte Tuinstra
Photographer: Gregory Derkenne
Stylist: Darryl Rodriguez
Via Noir Facade.

cape shirt 2

Harper's Bazaar US October 2010
The New Classics
Models: Melissa Tammerijn and Tati Cotilar
Photographer: Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Stylist: Jacob K

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Lovely idea thanks for sharing... I'm going to try right now....