Osklen Fall 2009

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Oh dear.. I just found a post from last January that apparently never made it to the blog.You know how it is, you´re almost done in doing something and then the phone rings or some other shit. And you never finish what you were doing in the first place. Thankfully this is not a trend blog. I can post about things years later after they came out as good stuff and inspiration never goes out of style! Enjoy..
Brazilian designers are really kicking as right now. Is Mental instroduced me today to a new brand Osklen. Their clothes are amazing but the accessorie department is to die for. Oskar Metsavaht is the socially committed, rock star faced designer and eco pioneer behind the brand. His world and his passion for this wonderful planet, which leads to the paths of sustainability and social responsibility. Osklen label, hugely popular in Brazil, was founded in 1989, focusing on designing fashions evocative of his native country — and doing so in a sustainable way. Oskar beautifully incorporates minimalist style, ecological materials and fashion forward design esthetics. One of his materials, e-fabric, combines Brazilian creativity with the value of resources and of territorial biodiversity, resulting in the development of fabrics that respect man and the environment. Its social and trade advantages help small indigenous communities by integrating them through employment. My favorites from the Fall 2009 collection are the jersey and rubber covered sneakers with velcro clousures (which apparently cannot be found anywhere online..damn.. must DIY), square button covered hoodies, wool thread covered glasses and slouchy sleeved clutch bags. The collection also had button and zipper puller covered knits, zipper dresses... Their SS2010 featured these jumbo sized sequins which I find super stylish and funny. I love all of it!!!

osklen fleece lace-up new cat high-tops
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 02
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 03
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 07
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 06
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 05
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 04
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 15
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 14
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 12
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 11
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 10
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 09
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 08
Osklen Fall 2009 collection 01

osklenspring2010 jumbo sequins 2
osklenspring2010 jumbo sequins
osklenspring2010 sequins 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Very cool stuff. Love that square beaded hoodie and great eco principles.

  2. I love Osklen - their collections are always so quirky and unusual! But I've always struggled to buy them in the UK. I came across a shop called Blue in Cheltenham (in the South-West) who stock Osklen and they also have a website.

    I came across those high-tops on their website too, if anyone from the UK is interested :)


  3. Aweome! AWESOME tennis shoes! I love the black ones!