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Any basic sleeveless top and dress (made from fabric or jersey) looks that much better with some.. ok.. a lot of ruffless sewd to the bodice. You can also cut the sleeves out if you´re refashioning an old piece. The ruffled strips can be cut from different materials: lightweight cotton (not reg denim, it is too heavy), organza, shiffon, satin, jersey, lace, silk neckties, ect. so look out for garments and textiles that are available in large quantities like curtains or maxi skirts. Matching them together with a similar color pallet is the key. The edges do not have to be finished. Gather the material propely before sewing, pin it all on and sew when you are happy with the lay out. If yout garment is jersey, remember to use zig zag stitch.

The dress below has been ecorated with individual fabric petals (circles) intead of ruffled strips.

Title: Christina
Magazine: AnOther #12 Spring/Summer 2007
Model: Christina Ricci
Photographer: Craig McDean
Stylist: Tabitha Simmons

Via Noir Facade.

Cristina Ricci Another Magazine 2

Outi Les Pyy

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