DIY Shirt bodysuit

Shirt bodysuit 5

Shirt bodysuits are genious. Tuck them in to your pants and it will stay there. Especially at winter time I hate it when I have to fix the shirt hem all the time and cold crawling up in my shirt. Shirt bodysuits are basically shirts with a panties-shaped jersey bottoms with snap crotch. DIY? Old shirt and a pair of panties with the crotch modified. If you don´t want to use panties for the bottom, use them to make a pattern and cut the pieces from an old t-shirt. Printed or plain.

Shirt bodysuit 9

If you have an extra long shirt, the shirt bottom can also be cut to form and some elastic band and snap on buttons added directly to it´s hem. Also a lerge mens shirt can be taken in from the sides to firt a woman. This picture is a babys bodysuit, but the sewing technique is the same for an adults shirt or t-shirt.

shirt bodysuit 1
Shirt bodysuit 8

Outi Les Pyy

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