Upholstery fashion

Hussein Chalayan's Couch-Coat

Martin Margiela used recycled sofa upholstery for his Fall 2006 runway collection. He made skirts, tops and dresses from the seat covers that had a picture of the original furniture hanging from it. Today also many other eco fashion labels use recycled upholstery as their main material.

Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2006 1
Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2006 2
Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2006 3

Platinum Dirt
Oakland-based Platinum Dirt have just launched a line of road-ready leather jackets that get extra mileage out of reclaimed automotive upholstery. Made from vintage Caddys, Bimmers, and Benzes, every topper in the “VIN” line comes emblazoned with the seal and vehicle identification number of the defunct and junked auto. It also comes with a “pink slip” detailing the demise of the car, plus a cheeky zipper made from the departed vehicle’s hood ornament. Platinum Dirt was founded by fashion designer Dustin Page and his business partner, Aaron Parrish, to give old cars a second lease on life in fashion. The vehicles’ durable-yet-supple upholstery has been perfectly broken in over a lifetime of use, making every finished jacket a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. You’ll even find the logo of the original auto manufacturer stamped somewhere on the jacket’s chest or shoulder. And since these toppers are two to three times thicker than your average leather jacket, they’re sure to stay with you through your life. This is the only leather jacket you'll ever need.

PLATINUM DIRT recycled car seat upholstery leather jacket 1
PLATINUM DIRT recycled car seat upholstery leather jacket 2

Above+Below London fancy footworks
Central Saint Martin's college graduate Robert Taylor and music promoter/film maker Caroline Read aka Above+Below London make neat footwear from retro textiles reclaimed from seats on London’s Underground tube carriages and buses. Their original fashion concept was inspired (quite literally) by British design icon Dame Vivienne Westwood, who re-used the textile in a pair of her infamous elevated court shoes. London's first environment-conscious footwear range; Above+Below London, is the evolution of this innovative recycling project, begun by the duo over ten years ago. The beautifully crafted, comfortable, stylish, robust and contemporary trainers below are what followed. Available from their online shop at Urban Remade.

Materials: Restored London Underground or bus seat covers. Trim: 100% recycled or repurposed leather. Sole: 33% recycled tyre rubber. All 100% salvaged UK waste. Features: Retroflective safety strip on heel.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. So creative! I love it when designers find ways to utilise/recycle random materials like this! There is so much potential for creativity out there- people just have to look around :)