Toxic black fashion

Finland TV1 Ulkolinja Myrkkyä halvalla 1

Finlands television showed yesterday evening an shocking report on dyes and pestesites used for garment manufactoring influence not only the garment factories and farmers lives but also the consumers buying the clothes and the people unpacking and selling them in shops. Many toxins that are banned in Europe and US are still being used in India, China and other major clothes producing countries as their workers are uneducated and laws for chemichal handling inexistent. The programme is narrated in English, interviews in German and text in Finnish (viewable for the next 31 days).

I´d think twice the next time you want to buy a 2€ black t-shirt that´s made in India.. Or even wear something new and unwashed straight of the rack. Do you want to keep dressing your children in new cheap fashions? But one can never be sure of anything. I´d play it safe and concentrate on organic and locally produced fashion labels and secondhand.

Finland TV1 Ulkolinja Myrkkyä halvalla 2

Outi Les Pyy

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