Seashells and feathers

marie claire september 2010 sass & bide 2

Long black feathers and feather trims are THE decor for this season. But they look quite nice combined with seashells, wooden beads and other embellishments for a more native look. You can find them at fleamarkets and secondhand stores at the 90's belt department. Take the belts apart, and spraypaint them first with black, red.. if you don´t like the natural color. Sew onto your feather trim by hand.

Via Tobacco and Leather.

marie claire september 2010 sass & bide
sbazaar espana september 2010
Alfonso Ohnur, Harper's Bazaar España, September 2010

secondhand seashell belt

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oooh. I really like the white shelled outfit.... very pretty

  2. Shells and feathers are some of my favourite naturally beautiful things, which is why we have some lovely shell chokers, bracelets and belts at ShopCurious - not forgetting an extensive selection of feather hair accessories, hats, belts and necklaces...

  3. I love those neckpieces, especially the black one.

  4. That jacket with the bird on the back is INSANE. Oh my gosh. Genius.


  5. Great inspiration source.The image with the feather jacket is fab.Would love to have it.

  6. Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

  7. love it

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  8. beautiful shots!!! the detailing is incredibleeeee!! love this post! thanks for sharing!