Diamond commander

Malgosia Bella 2010 August Vogue Paris 3

I own a bunch of vintage diamante brooches and pins that I´ve bought from fleamarkets over the years. Usually I wear one or two on my jacket but most of the time they are just stashed in my jewelry cupboard. These are way better.. Styled with secondhand army jackets and hats. Less auntie and more officer. If gray or army green are your jacket colors, I´d check out Varusteleka webstore. They have a variety of used (mostly german) officer's jackets for sale.

Photos Malgosia Bela, Vogue Paris August 2010. Via Fashion Victims.

Malgosia Bella 2010 August Vogue Paris 5
Malgosia Bella 2010 August Vogue Paris 4
Malgosia Bella 2010 August Vogue Paris 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. those badges are gloriouss!! and so are the aviator and military hatsss!

    I pine, I want, I neeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!

    kisses from the philippines xxx


  2. I love that the military style is in I have always loved it....I remember getting a pair of Army pants and being the only girl in my whole school wearing them...that year. I also have some old brotches/badges/buttons/pins I love to decorate things with...
    thanks for this post!

  3. Very cool. I have a whole tub of vintage rhinestone buttons that I've been hoarding for just the right project. Not quite the same thing though.

    If anyone is looking for really well priced military stuff, check out your local army surplus store. I got some military issue aviators a while ago for CHEAP. It's a neat place to poke around.