Giles SS2011 paperclip jewelry

Giles jewellery Summer 2011 1

The design rule of multiples: Take a bunch of nothing (like paperclips) and create something. You´ll need more than you think.. If it looks like you could need 100, it really is closer to 500. Add pearls or fancy beads for a more dressy look. Paperclip inspired jewellery by Giles, Summer 2011 collection.

Via Vogue.

Giles jewellery Summer 2011 2
Giles jewellery Summer 2011 4
Giles jewellery Summer 2011 5

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i love this idea! i'm going to try it out when i have time to!

    <33 rena

  2. Mmmmm paperclip jewelry. Sounds like a good nerdy craft for me. And it looks high end to boot!