Ich bin ein Berliner.

Berlin secondhand Humana 4_phixr

Last weekend at Berlin was incredible! The city complitely stole my heart with it´s secondhand and indie fashion shops, markets, rugged buildings and spacious streets, cool atmosphere and smiling people. Paris, London.. Sorry man, but you lost. Berlin is the new black. It is a city of hard contrasts and yet everything fits together like it was designed to and anything goes. One can truly be theirselves there which explains in a way why the DIY and art scene is blossoming, especially on the East Side. Berlin bestness. But two days is nearly not enough. I must go back there to see what I missed the first time. Below a few secondhand shops that we did find on Sathurday. If you know more cool shops in Berlin, post about them to comments. Or go to my Thrift stores Flickr photo group which I created to share info on secondhand store round the world for travellers (photos must be geotagged and city tagged). For Berlin street fashion check out Stil In Berlin.

Berlin secondhand Humana 3_phixr
Berlin secondhand Humana 2_phixr
Berlin secondhand Humana 1_phixr
Humana has a 5-story secondhand department store at Frankfurter Tor in Friedrichshain. It is amazing.
Frankfurter Tor 3, Berlin.

Berlin secondhand shop Trash Schick_phixr
Wühlischstr. 31, Berlin 10245 - Friedrichshain
open: Mon - Sat 12-20

Berlin secondhand shop Sir Henri_phixr
Berlin secondhand shop My Feet_phixr
Sir Henri (men's) & My Feet (women's)
Grünberger Straße 37, 10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain
open: Mon - Sat 12-20

This is my Berlin theme song - Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner - "Sky And Sand" (from the movie Berlin Calling soundtrack)

Top photo by Brown Berlin.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Those Humana-stores are everywhere in Berlin, i.g. also at the Zoo and Alexanderplatz. Though this is the biggest one I know, I prefer to shop at others as I find this one to be a bit expensive in comparison to the others. Might be because of the area it's in. This one is more like a second hand store for hipsters whereas the others are more an adress for those who need to shop there because they can't spend much money on clothes.
    Though I'm a child of the north and prefer living in the Wedding, I'd recommend going to Kreuzberg next. There is a shop called Colors in Bergmannstraße 102 (in the rear building) with a wide variety and a section where you pay per pound (though I think that's limited to a few days per week). On the way from the metro station you also pass Charlie's Checkpoint, they sell a mix of old and new goods. Furthermore I recommend Jumbo 2nd Hand (Wiener str. 63, near Görlitzer Bahnhof) with their wide variety of shoes and my favorite (and that's an insider, I guess): just two doors along is a small store which mostly sells shoes and bags but for a great price (mostly 10€ a pair) and the owner always puts a chocolate bar into the plastic bag which I think is so adorable. I found my favorite shoes there.

  2. I loved Berlin so much, i need to save this post and visit these places one day soon.

  3. I forgot to mention the Mini-Kaufhaus-Meyer in the Amsterdamer Str. 12 (metro and interurban train station Seestr.) if you happen to be in the northern district Wedding. It looks tiny on the outside but is stacked from the inside, it’s like a roofed flea marked and a great source for furniture and decoration items.
    And then there are the flea markets, the place to be on Sundays. The most popular (and overpriced one) is at the Mauerpark in the district Prenzlauer Berg (metro station Bernauer str., you can’t miss it if you follow the masses), it’s again the biggest one I know. Not that popular ones (and therefore maybe a better source for reasonable priced beauties) are the flea market at the Boxhagener Platz (again the metro station at the Frankfurter Tor) and the ones in Kreuzberg, though you should check that in the internet when you are there as some move from time to time.
    The most popular is probably the one at the Straße des 17. Juni. They sell mostly antiquities and designer clothes (a few months ago there was always a rack of vintage Burberry coats and I was always arguing with myself whether to buy one or not, but I’m not sure if it’s still there). But it’s the one all the tourists go to; therefore it’s mostly conterminously overpriced.

  4. Hi
    I'm reading your blog for a while now (love it by the way <<<<3333)
    and incidentally live in berlin =)
    so I'm honored you like berlin that much, cause I'm in love with it too
    in fact I was just shopping through several second hand shops today, neither listed here. There is this one called "Garage" where you can buy the clothes by weight (1 kilo = 14,99€) near u-bahnhof "nollendorfplatz" http://www.kleidermarkt.de/de/4330-Garage.html
    There are of course more expensive ones too, but who needs those ^^
    and for fabric shopping and jewelry supplies like chains you should definitely check out the "Maybachufer" near u-bahnhof "Schönleinstraße" every tuesday and friday from 11.00 am till 6 pm is a huge market with vegetebales and fabric. and most of the fabrics are really cheap! 1 meter costs about 2€ !!! I'm almost always broke when I leave it and my fabric stash is overflowing since I discovered it.
    I hope you visit Berlin again there is so much more to see.
    And I'm checking out the stores you posted about, most of them I didn't know o.Ô

  5. So cool you found Trash Schick, it's the place where I scored my amazing Chanel jacket for a whooping 42 euros...