Second hand shopper trend Nro 17

tea time skirt

Invest in second hand Tea-Length Skirts.

"Marc Jacobs and Fendi introduced tea-length skirts on their Fall 2010 runways and the look was spotted everywhere in the crowd at New York Fashion Week. Contrast the modest hemline — we love the deep aubergine hue on the Sparkle & Fade skirt seen center — with a leather jacket and tough ankle boots for a modern vibe, or with a silk blouse and pointy-toe pumps for a lady-like approach." Via Fashionologie.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love the third one! The skirt and the belt are awesome.


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  3. I like them all. The perfect length.

  4. Phew. So glad about this. Much better than the dreadful miniskirt trend that cycles through. Not a fan of that.