FabLAB Atelier recycled fabric yarns

FabLAB Atelier recycled fabric yarns 2

Everybody has heard about plastic bags cut to strips and crocheted into something new, but what if plastic isn't so fantastic for you? My grandmother told us when we were kids, that back in the days after the war when they were short of everything, she used to cut up old clothes and household textiles (cotton, wool, linen) to yarn and use them to make new stuff. Sometimes also old sweaters were unravelled to threads to get new wool yarns for knitting. Of course today the situation is very different but this crafting techique has not gotten old. Yet still many crafters buy their yarns new and clothes factories and factories throw away all left overs... Such a waste. Instead they could and should be doing this: these recycled fabric yarns are by FabLAB Atelier. They are made from fabric leftovers from portuguese fabric factories. You can use this matherial to do several things, like weaved rugs, crocheted clothes and accessories, bags.. Available at Etsy. Also many other shops sell there recycled yarns.

Even if you feel that crocheting and knitting isn´t your thing you can still earn a few extra bucks by making craft supplies like this and seling them at Etsy or at craft fairs. Just cut and roll up! 100% sustainable and guilt-free crafting material. SALES TIP. For bigger sales, collect similar colors in larger bags containing many yarn bundles and sell them as a batch!

FabLAB Atelier recycled fabric yarns 3
FabLAB Atelier recycled fabric yarns 4

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I've been cutting up my oldest T-shirts and naalbinding a new rug.