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Vera Wang inspired DIY bead necklace by Katarina Hessler

Oh my. I just got back from the ever so wonderful Berlin (must move there one day as the city beats and breathes pure DIY) to find these in my mail box :) Katarina Hessler made herself a stunning Vera Wang inspired spider web necklace from over 11000 beads and Camilla Taylor this awsome leather scale necklace, inspired by Jose Castro's and my leather scale dress. Super job ladies!

DIY leather necklace by Camilla Taylor

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Wow these are just amazing. Lukcy you :)

  2. Woah! Brilliant! Those both look really time consuming. Impressive focus! I'm more of a quick & dirty DIY'er. ;)


  3. Nice! For the DYI eager person I highly recommend the awesome knitting pattern "Japonica Cravat", by the highly talented Australian designer Kirsten Johnstone, published in the new knitting book "Ori Ami Knits". Check out this knitted "necklace" :