Glamourai DIY scarf top tutorial

Glamourai scarf DIY top 2

Tutorial how to make this beautiful scarf top at Glamourai.

You'll need:
- 2 silk scarves
- straight pins, sewing machine, thread
- 4 grommets
- approximately 20-22" chain (use old thrift store jewelry!)
- jewelry pliers to manipulate chain

Glamourai scarf DIY top 1
Glamourai scarf DIY top 4
Glamourai scarf DIY top 3

Glamourai scarf DIY dress 4
Glamourai scarf DIY dress 3
Glamourai scarf DIY dress 6
Glamourai scarf DIY dress 5

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. awww I know it's so cute! when I saw it I really thought I had to do one for myself!

  2. This is such a great DIY! I'm actually in the process of finishing mine now :)

  3. sooo cool !!!! i like !!!


  4. I love this but I am VERY allergic to nickel compounds, which tends to be in most metal chains like the ones used for the straps.

    Any ideas for an alternative?

  5. Well Julene, I think you could use also plastic chains (from old 60´s necklaces) and hand sew them on to the scarf edges. In Finland all the chains and other jewelry metal pieces sold at hobby/craft shops are nickel free. I believe it is not allowd to sell jewelry containing nickel in the EU area anymore.

  6. I love this- will definitely try! Great post
    Robin :)

  7. These tops are awesome! I wish I were slim enough to wear one!

  8. I linked to this tutorial on my post, since the glamourai link it's not working anymore!