Goodone to launch reused knitwear collection for Topshop

Goodone FW2010 Topshop collection Bodycon Dress

More and more mainstream retailers are beginning to take an interest in upcycling and looking to upcoming reuse brands for innovative solutions. The fashion industry produces an astounding 2 million tonnes of clothing waste per year, with only 16% recovered and the rest destined for landfill (Defra). In addition to this staggering fact it has been estimated that if every Brit purchased one item made from recycled wool a year (instead of new wool) it would save 371 million gallons of water, 480 million tonnes of chemical dyes and 4,571 million days of an average family's electricity needs (UK Gov).

Goodone is an award-winning eco fashion label that designs and produces refashioned knitwear using reclaimed materials. The label was founded by Nin Castle, who believes that the design and quality of their garments will persuade consumers that there is a real future in upcycling."By mixing surplus luxury fabrics and new British knits with recycled garments, we achieve freedom of design and a strong feminine look.", says founder Nin Castle.

Having exhibited at Esthetica as part of London fashion week for the past three seasons, Goodone has gained increasing recognition and presence within the industry, including having been handpicked by Yasmin Sewell to receive BFC sponsorship. Yasmin chose to mentor Goodone, leading to the preparation of the A/W10 collection. This collection has been bought by Topshop and will debut in September, coinciding with London Fashion Week. It includes body-hugging dresses with quilted hips and shaping side panels, a chunky bomber Aran knit and crocheted cutouts and will be sold online at Topshop, in the Oxford Circus flagship store and

Goodone also announced it has struck a deal with supermarket chain Tesco, which will see an online diffusion line being sold by the retailer in October. This collection includes panelled and wrap dresses, leggings and skirts made entirely from ends of rolls and factory waste from a green factory in Sri Lanka.

Goodone is stocked across London and the UK, and internationally in the US, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia.

Goodone FW2010 Topshop collection Crochet Bodycon Dress
Goodone FW2010 Topshop collection Knitted Bomber
Goodone FW2010 Topshop collection Knit Leggins
Goodone FW2010 Topshop collection Hoody Vest
Goodone FW2010 Topshop collection Quilted Hoody

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  1. I love it, I really do. But Topshop is so expensive and since this will be exclusive, no doubt it will cost a lot more!

  2. These are fantastic! I love knitwear. I particularly like the ones with the pattern of holes, the faux backseam, and the hood.