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Clothing manufacturers and designers should look back in history and investigate different clothing cultures when designing for their new collections. One way to make a garment sustainable is to add multifunctionality (more than one way to wear it) to it. Historical clothes used to be like this as people did not have much at that time and a garment had to have many functions for different tasks and weather. Made By Happy People is a German indie fashion label I came across on my Berlin trip. Their multifunctional scarf is patented and can be worn in 8 different ways. The slouchy harem pants can also be worn as puffy jumpsuit.

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Multifunctional scarf:
1. neckscarf
2. headscarf
3. belt or a warm belly bandage
4. top
5. loose bolero jacket
6. as before, but put any waistcoat above (the middle part of a scarf is on Your Head): the hood and the puff-sleeves look out
7. shoulder bag.
8. turban

At the moment their webstore works only in German, but e-mail inquiries can be sent if you live outside Germany and want to purchase some of their clothes.

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