DIY Fashion inspiration from New York Fashion Week

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration Jason Wu large organza bow

How extraordinary! The DIY Fashion Examiner has put together a slideshow of DIY-able looks emerging off the current runways from Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. From Cynthia Rowley to Jason Wu, Lela Rose to DKNY.. And inspiration from Monday's collections. Definitely check it out if you want to get those creative wheels a-spinning!Via Chic Steals.

Inspiration: Jason Wu. DIY: Pin an oversized tulle bow to a top.

Inspiration: DKNY. DIY: Wear a scarf as a top.

DKNY SS2010 2
DKNY SS2010 1

Inspiration: Donna Karan. DIY: Crochet a set of bangle covers or cover plain bangles with an old doily.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration DKNY bangle covers

Inspiration: Altuzarra. DIY: Applique geometric animal print fabric over a plain dress.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration Altuzarra geometric applique

Inspiration: BCBG Max Azria. DIY: Overlay tinted lace over a plain tee or dress. Or paint a shirt using a doily or lace as a stencil.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration BCBG lace print

Inspiration: Cynthia Rowley. DIY: Cut round holes from a plain, unlined dress (leather). If you want to use a fabric skirt, finish the circle edges with some paper glue to prevent fringing before cutting.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration Cynthia Rowley holey skirt 2

Inspiration: Lela Rose. DIY: Combine colorful leftover wool threads and ribbons with chain in a collar-style necklace.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration Lela Rose Colorful chain and wool thread necklace

Inspiration: Malandrino. DIY: Necklace from crochet, metal and beads.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration Malandrino crochet lace metal beads necklace

Inspiration: Malandrino. DIY: Lace cutouts with scalloped edging sewn to hemline of a tee or dress.

NYC Fashion Week 2010 inspiration Malandrino lace detailing

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out.

    FYI, there will be DIY fashion updates posted here daily until the end of New York Fashion Week.

  2. I'm in love with Cynthia Rowley's collection this season.