Wardrobe metamorphosis by Azumi & David (part 1)

Azumi & David morph different pieces of the wardrobe to create new humorous fashions called "Things to wear". I spent yesterday two hours browsing through all of their collections. There were so many cool and inspirational reconstructions that I have to show them to you in three parts: 1. tops, 2. scarfs belts, 3. bags. Check out also A&D blog.

Azumi & David has mixed shirts, tees and sweats to create totally new items in the wardrobe. I call them "shirtop" and "shirtees". It also got me thingking on the amount of possibilities when taking a part and putting back together three different garments. T-shirts are made from 4 pieces, hooded sweats from 6 pieces and a shirt from 8 pieces... How many different combos does that amount to??? I´m not clever enought to give you an exact answer but at the moment I´m dying to find out! Splitting some pieces just gives you even more choices.

A&D uses clean and classic patterns in their collection, but my morphed thirtees would be constructed from grungy band-tees and men´s office shirts and flannel shirts. I call it "blue collar grunge". I´m so looking forward to getting my sewingmachine back from repair so I can start working on these!! Guaranteed Etsy stuff. You can see the A&D collection details better if you open the images by clicking them.

Outi Les Pyy

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