Shoulder pad fashions

Shoulder pads are one of those little things in fashion that continue to devide peoples opinions. Some cannot stand them and some do. I´m one of those who love them. A lot of the clothes I buy from secondhand stores have shoulder pads. I usually cut them out but I have saved them all since I think they have exellent trashion potential.

Last month I blogged a lot about hats, millinery and fascinators. I cannot do any proper millinery myself, but I started to think about using my collection of shoulder pads (cut out of secondhand 80´s clothes) as fascinator-bases a few months ago.. Jennine from The Coveted blog has done just this. She has made some rad looking hats from shoulder pads. Red hot trashion! It´s funny how some people think about the same thing at the same time. I suppose it´s how trends are born. I´m hoping she will make a few for sale in The Coveted Shoppe in Etsy.

I have planned to make a Martin Margiela styled dress with the entire bodice or dress covered with shoulder pads. The other design would be a Grace Jones inspired mega-shoulder-pieces with at least 20 pads per side. You know the kind that would make a american football player in full gear look small.. Both of these projects would be a nightmare to those still refusing to think shoulder pads are anything more then a horrible fashion mistake from the 80´s. But not me. Maybe Roisin Murphy could appreciate them!

Images via The Coveted blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Moikka! Bongasin sut OUTSAPOPin sivuilta. Sulla on tosi kivan oloinen blogi! :)

  2. vau hienoja!

    en tiedä ootko seurannu tyylitaivasta, joten tulin tänne ilmottamaan että meille on varattu pöytä hietsun kirppikselle tän viikon sunnuntaiks.