Denim Design Lab designer Brian Robbins

I´ve been known to hog paintstained jeans and workpants from my husbands work buddies to study the original paint and varnish stains on them. I´m fascinated by the way how some denim brands (like Diesel) are able to imitate these original wear and tears in their industrial made jeans. I use the work garments to make bags and clothes since I adore authentic and worn looking treatments in my fashions. I´ve read a lot about the industrial denim manufacturing process, but never thought I would finally able to mimic these treatments in my own home!

Brian Robbins has written the Denim Design Lab™ Book in a very compact form but it has everything that a DIY denim enthusast needs, inspirational images and simple tips to destroy, detail and decorate your jeans for that authentic vintage denim look. Basically it´s sharing all industries tips for home use. I think that it is wonderful to see a talented designer share his tips and knowledge to encourage home DIYers to create their own pair of vintage jeans! More designers should do that.

What many people out there still don't understand is, that if you have one or two really good pairs of jeans, refashion them instead of buying new ones all the time. This book is the next step for someone who is tired of appliques and beading. It´s not that there´s anything wrong with pretty embellishments, but I´m just a huge fan of authensity and rugged worn down looks. All the tools and instructions are presented simply and with loads of examples. This book is a bit more expensive than your average craft book, but totally woth the money! A great present and a must-have for your craft book collection. Keep in mind that these techniques can also be applied to other natural-fibre garments such as secondhand canvas bags, cotton tees, sweats, shirts and so on.

The DDL Kit
And that´s not all... DDL also offers tool kits to help you get started on your own designs. Each DDL™ Kit includes a collection of tools used for hand finishing denim garments and a copy of DDL book, as well as the first ever consumer version of a denim finishing bladder used by professional denim laundries. The Kits are produced in limited edition runs of 200 units each. The initial release features three unique vintage inspired washes, each based on a theme from the DDL™ Book; the "Gold Miner," the "Mechanic," and the "Painter." The kit is destined to become a collectors item for every true connoisseur of denim jeans. Go to DDL website for more details on where to get yours.

I recommend the DDL book and kit especially to those of you who sell your denim DIY goods. Robbins´s tips will give your products "that extra something" to guarantee sales. For more info, visit DDL website.

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  1. Thanks for telling people about this, I'm going to look into it for sure. By the way, love your stuff, especially the zipper collars, stunning.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I just started destressing my jeans, so this book makes me REALLY Excited!

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