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DIY City Mag featured a few pages of my inspiration scrapbooks in their latest issue. Below the story. Click to MY INSPIRATION BOOK GALLERY if you want to see all the pages.

"It began with a problem...

I was first introduced to inspiration boards and books nine years ago when I was doing my thesis in fashion college. For it I interviewd designers on the process of fashion design. Each one of them started with an inspiration board collage that defined colors, theme, form, materials and the overall look of the collection. They said it was the most important part of the process and they defined the frames of the whole project. I had collected inspiring magazine clippings in office folders for seasons and at some point my shelf space just ran out. My husband was also tired of the huge fashion magazine piles in the corner of our livingroon and was threadning me to through them all out... Something more compact had to be invented. That´s when I remembered my thesis designer interviews. I bought blanc illustration books and started cutting. After a few evenings my inspiration folders had shrunk to one tenth of their original weight.

More than just a picturebook.
Inpiration scrapbooks are not just fun to make (to me it´s a form of scissor therapy), I found them to be handy in a whole lot of ways. I´m finally able to organize all my clippings as I wanted; by detail, material, designer or styling. Scrapbooks are magazine size so I can to have them in my bag every day. I usually take them with me when I go out to look for materials to a new project. Kind of an illustrated picture-shopping list! I can add drawings and notes on the pages right beside the pictures so all the ideas are stored in one place. I mostly concentrate on magazine clippings in my inspiration books but they can contain so much more. It can be anything you can paste on a book; a movie ticket, candy wrapper, an old photo, a piece of fabric or thread, a pressed flower, anything that you want to come back to. If you want to add 3D items, I suggest making inspiration boards.

Scrapbooking for perfectionists.
Usually I have one inspirationbook in the making. When I have cut all the clippings I organize them (by theme) between the pages but do not paste them until the whole book is organized, so I´m able to adjust the picture size and order to the last minute. My goal is to have every page filled with as much details as possible, an intresting look and a beautiful visual presenation. I really put a lot of time in the editing and thingking the pages through. I prefer to think of them as artwork with a practical function. If some clippings don´t seem to fit the theme or they just don´t look as inspiring as they did before, they are dismissed from my book.

Finding inspiration.
I browse through hundreds of fashion shows in a season and try to come up with ways to transform the catwalk-trends and designer details in to trashion reconstructions. If you browse through my books you can see that I adore humoristic details, special cuts, handmade treatments and anything fashionable can be transformed and made from recycled and secondhand materials. After collecting and sorting all the clippings the themes just seem to pop up. Runway designers have often surprising and intresting material, color combinations and forms in their collections. Most of them never make it to fashion magazine editorials, so I pick the ones I can apply to my clothing reconstructions and paste them into my book. I also read many fashion and interior blogs to find inspiring images and local streetfashion-micro-trends. Looking out for ideas I have not seen done before in crafts help me to keep my designs fresh and intresting.

Sharing the idea.
Today I have about six books that contain inspiration from hundreds of fashion magazines (yes, I buy a lot of them..), fashion collections and websites. My books have grown way bigger than my ability to execute the ideas and projects featured in them so I while back I desided to share them online for everyone to read. I scanned my favorite pages and dumped them to my blog and wed inspiration picture gallery. Since scrapbooks are collages, they are copyright-free and you are able to publish them where ever you want! My hope is that someone else can find new ideas from my books and incorporate them to their crafts and works."


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I really like the page with the various white lacework. I keep putting off browsing through fashion show pictures, since there seems to be so few items I find interesting. I guess I just need to keep looking, so thanks for the inspiration.