Wardrobe metamorphosis by Azumi & David (part 2)

Azumi & David morph different pieces of the wardrobe to create new humorous fashions called "Things to wear". I spent yesterday two hours browsing through all of their collections. There were so many cool and inspirational reconstructions that I have to show them to you in three parts: 1. tops, 2. scarfs belts, 3. bags. Check out also A&D blog.

A&D sees scarfs as much more than a simple piece of cloth. It can also be styled with collars, hoods or cuffs or made from unconventional materials like sportjcket sleeves. I never realized that sleeves can be transformed to so many different garments. A good design also enables the item to be more than one way. I especially love their woollen botton scarfs because they can be worn light or attached together to add more warmth. Also the hoodie scarf is a functional garment with an urban look. These designs will also go on my trashion-to-do list. Perfect for fall.

You can see the A&D collection details better if you open the images by clicking them.

Outi Les Pyy

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