Classic patterns - Houndstooth

Houndstooth is one of the most well known textile and weave patterns. I find it fascinating because is mostly assosiated with classical dressing but has recently also been adapted to streetwear clothing. A crafter should look for patterns like this for their items. Because of houndstooths classical nature it will never go out of fashion and can be purchased by different styled people. It is also unisex. Colors can just be adjusted according to personal and trend preferences (like white-neonpink to pastel colors). Variants of the houndstooth check include the Prince of Wales check and Pepita plaid where check is formed with twill weave alternating bands of dark and light threads.


Prince of Wales check or Glen Plaid

Pepita plaid

Neck ruff by misfitchic

Re-printing notebooks, by Morgan Worth.

Bow necklace by winnieatepooh

Tie by rabbitstop

Pins by relishdress

Hobo bag by hoakonhelga

Hat by Sookie

Buttoned top by morosemelonhead

Top image by harlemborn89.

Outi Les Pyy

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