DIY City Magazine 2nd issue out 15th July!

When is the New Orleans (2nd) issue of DIY City Magazine going live? Well July 15th would be the answer and it’s worth the wait! Jammed packed with New Orleans designers/artists and cool places to shop for your DIY supplies. We have a special Wedding Feature and some really cool inspiration walls, boards and pages from designers around the world.... (Maybe from a Finnish Trashionista also..). Features section will have some great interviews with local indie designers. It takes you down the streets of NOLA and shows you all the great places to shop for DIY supplies, you will get to meet many local designers that call New Orleans home. Spread the word about DIY City Mag - and if you would like to be a contributor send DIY City Mag email at

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. hi! I love your writings! Linked you on my page. Very inspirational blog! I've just started one! Have a look at Gullgåsa

    norwegian art student!