Clothing reconstruction ideas from Viktor & Rolf Fall 2008 collection

I spent a good part of my weekend browsing through fall 2008 fashion collections. Every fashion blog is posting about the next fall trend so there´s propably no point of me doing the same. I concentrate on finding ideas from them that you fellow DIYers can aply in your projects. And boy did I hit the motherload!

I´m sure most of you have seen pics of the unreal 3D slogan jackets in Viktor & Rolf Fall 2008 collection. Quite stunning, but they take a bit of planning and pattern making to pull off. I want to see fast results in my DIY fashion projects (plus my sewing machine is at the repair shop) so that was not the thing that caught my attention... It was the STAPLES!! The entire collection is filled with seams with random staple-details. V&R also used them for gathering volume and combining pieces (sleeves to bodice). The best thing is that this DIY tip is unisex so you can style your mans wardrobe at the same go.

I had to go get my husbands staple gun immediately and try this out. I don´t think this would work so good on my silk party dress, so I´ll start from refashioning old tees, shirts and jeans. The staples need to be shot against a surface that absorbs the hit but allows them to be taken out easily - thick styrofoam. Be carefull when pulling off the garment. The staple is through the fabric but it still needs to be bent underneath to secure the fastening. Hammer the staple ends down to finish the detail. I´m sure V&R have sewed the seams normally before stapling them, but I would not bother if you are in a hurry... In this case "less is more" does not aply. The more the merrier.

I´m not sure if the staples I have are stainless steel, but I´m kinda hoping there not... I want them to rust when the garment is washed!! That would make a cool effect. Looooove rust. If the washing machine does not work in rusting, I´ll try soaking. CheapBoutique at Etsy also gave me a tip to use Boiled egg yolk works, Ammonia or urine for rust-treatments. Ammonia (clorine/bleach) might be easiest. I remember some denim buttons rusting when I soaked a pair of jeans in raw bleach. Ooops.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. If you wanted to wear it a lot, and for comfort's sake, you could use some iron on seam stuff and some bias binding on the inside of the garment so the staples didn't scrath your skin.

  2. If you wanted to make it a bit more comfortablte to wear and stop the staples scratching your skin you could use some of the magic iron on hem stuff to attach some bias binding to the inside of the garment where the staples are - it would stop them poking through.

  3. Wow this is great for giving oversized t-shirts shape or maybe (like in one of those pictures) adding detail like ribbons and something like that...

    I'm going to have to try this out, I'm bursting with ideas...........