Cut Out and Keep craft tutorial favorites

I´ve posted all my trashion tutorials on Cut Out And Keep craft community. I feel that it is an easy-to-use website with just the thing when looking for new craft ideas and instructions. Many craft sites have tutorial forums, but I find them a bit hard to use since you have to post all instructions and images by using html-code and you can´t browse projects wit pictures. With Cut Out And Keep the text and image uploading is easy, you can edit your posts when needed, you don´t have to size down your images and you can post as much steps as you want. You are also able to favorite the how-to´s you like and search them by category or other tags, like material. They also feature tutorials and instructions for cooking! Here are some of my favorite how-to´s from Cut Out And Keep craft community.

Scrap textile coasters tutorial by Jewels.

Elle magazine tie-on slippers tutorial by Tissuepapers A.

Comb bracelet tutorial by Impybat.

Square yo-yo´s tutorial by Sunshine h.

DIY dress form / fitting dummy tutorial by Myam

Leather belt cuff tutorial by Tucker.

Coloring and shrinking plastic tutorial, for jewelry and craft projects by Impybat.

Guitar shaped bag tutorial by Myam.

DIY inspiration scrapbook tutorial by Cat Morley.

DIY envelopes tutorial by Cat Morley.

Plastic cup light fixture tutorial by Sparkleball Lady.

Denim storage boxes tutorial by Holly B.

Outi Les Pyy

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