Inspiration: Human anatomy

I have an obsession with anatomy inspired art and craft. Skulls and bones (the real ones), jewelry made from anatomy text book images, clothes with anatomy prints.. Lets just say that cute pastel things with flower prints don´t do it for me. Some of my friends did not enjoy my post on Katharina Ludvig organ bottles and even thought the anatomy necklaces I recently bought from Paraphernalia were too much. Too "real" they said. Funny people. Human anatomy has inspired people from the times of ancient greeks so I suppose it should count as a classic trend. :)

Toolgrrl aka Rachel Wright is an artist I found from Etsy that reconstructs secondhand slips with appliques to create dramatic in-your-face anatomy inspired fashions. The buys all supplies from thrift stores and sews by hand. Check out her website for images galleries. Some people might find them odd when I find them fascinating and beautiful. We can´t all like the same things.. That just wouldn´t be right. I love these dresses since it reminds me that we of the fragile and very personal eco-system of your own bodies. It´s a "respecting life and death" thing I suppose. For more anatomy inspired fashions, I recommend Undercover SS2005 collection and collection details.

Undercover SS2005 collection. Can you see the teeth, eye-balls and guts?

Eyeball necklace by alteredeleanors

Anatomy pillow by CrowsCloth

Anatomica collection necklaces by Paraphernalia

Spine neckties by Toybreaker

Heart earrings and skull necklace by Holly Modine

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love this stuff. needless to say, I'm wondering where a person like myself could purchase those eye-ball buttons. they would be positively fetching on career blouses.

  2. I think well stacked button shops sell them. At least the teddybear eyes... Maybe you should ask for them in Etsy. Those shops carry just about anything when it comes to craft supplies. Or you can ask someone to make them for you throug Etsy Alcemy.