Junk Beautiful interior design book

I love my local bookstore Hobboks. Every time I go there I spend at least two hours just reading craft books and having the complementary(!) coffee cup and cookies while sitting on a very comfortable couch. This is why small books shops kick departmentstore ass any day. You are able to spend time in them, talk with the expert staff and READ before deciding what to buy. I bought three wonderful books today: Junk Beautiful, a interior design book inspired by junkyard finds and repurposed materials, Workspaces by Martha Fay, an interior design guide for working spaces and Denim Mania, a jeans refashioning book. I´ll post about the two later but now to the most inspirational one:

JUNK BEAUTIFUL by by Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer
Website: www.junkmarketstyle.com (sign in to see the good stuff..)

This is the best book on recycled and repurposed interiors and it is propably the greenest interior design book on the market. The Junk Market girls Sue and Ki have an impecable taste in decor style and original (and humoristic) ideas in their projects. All the projects, instructions and designs are very clever and presented beautifully. There is nothing boring to be found, even the layout is pretty. If you're into interiors made from repurposed materials (or if you just like thrifted old wood and metal things in your home) this is the book to buy! I also love the fact that this book costs half of all other interior books on the market (23 euro in Finland). Thank you so much for the authors! 5 stars. I´m so using this as my new home decor bible. I had to order also their first Junk book, Decorating Junk Market Style: Repurposed Junk to Suit Any Decor.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I read a similar interior design book recently called the recycled home which was great and inspirational in their reuse of recycled and 'found' objects. There was a very obvious design theme though, so if you're not into cream and white this book might not push your buttons.

  2. I have also this book, Recycled Home. In comparison to Junk Beautiful I found it more of an pretty interior book photographed in beautiful old buildings. In other words not so many projects that would work in a "normal" home. Most of the projects featured were more of decorations than usable or practical interior items. I thougt Junk Beautiful is a better (and less pricy) book. And you´re right, where are the colors?! Red, purple, turqoise? There´s plenty that go togethe with beige and cream. :)

  3. I am going to have to find this book. I am a huge thrift store, flea market person and I love interior design.

    me and my boyfriend are creating our apartment to look like a morccocan marketplace.

  4. Great!! Too love reading books on home designing & improvement.