Trashion storage boxes

Some people are just able to keep their stuff more organized than others. I have used cardboard shoeboxes for years in keeping my craft supplies and things in order. I go to shoe shops and ask if they have extra boxes I could have. Plain boxes are just ugly, but they can be decorated for example with collages made from fashion magazine clippings and your drawings. Here are some pictures of boxes GreenFashion Freak makes and other inspiring collages from Meriluni and Leanna Chapman. After the pictures are glued on you should apply a thin layer of clear varnish. These collage-shoeboxes also make super giftboxes.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Storage boxes are really versatile - they can be used for almost any purpose. For larger items I recommend larger storage boxes with a lid, plastic ones are great because they keep everything clean and tidy

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