KamillaAntonio handmade stars

KamillaAntonio is a Danish accessories company founded by Kamilla Rosado and her husband Antonio Rosado. Kamilla is educated in the theatre business and has always been passionately in love with the theatre’s magic of changing your appearance just by adding delicate details. “My first series of accessories are based on reinterpretations of the classic Christmas-star. The star is a classic motif that brings back childhood memories for most of us in Scandinavia, and by combining materials such as silk ribbon, metals and stones, I wish to give the star a new life and a new story; a graceful blend of softly sculptured shapes and sharp graphic details.” Kamilla explains. KamillaAntonio is located right in the heart of Copenhagen, where Kamilla and Antonio have set up their workshop. Here all pieces are designed and carefully manufactured by hand. Available at Supermarket.

If you like this scandinavian christmass star, check out this folding tutorial. Found via Life Style Dissected.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. wow this is amazing, it kind of reminds me dior couture in 2007 with all the japanese origami pieces. love it.