Designs by Bonzie

Designs by Bonzie is an aunt and neice design duo working on creating beautiful, victorian styled pieces. Their latest designs are these upcycled one of a kind layered petticoat skirts. Other Bonzie designs like their signature bloreros and shoulder wraps are a very good example of good designing since just by changing material the same pattern can be transformed and worn like steampunk or modern party couture. This is the designstyle all indie brands and labels should aim for. Versatile products (for a wider range of customers) that stay in style for many seasons. Bonzie designs are available at Etsy where you can also request custom work if the style you like is sold out. Bonzie designs can also be viewed at Flickr and their blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Beautiful clothes. I have a grey skirt in a similar but more subdued style than this one, and I need to alter it to fit better so I can wear it again. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. Are there patterns for any of these? particularly the Half jackets and the top skirt?

  3. I think you can get the jacket pattern from any bolero pattern, just crop the hem waist height. The top skirt can be done by layering fabric on mannequin.