Slice and cut by WithAsianStereotypes and Stylorectic

Fashion bloggers Stylorectic and With Asian Stereotypes has been buzy customizing t-shirts with scissors. First top is made by Stylorectic. Cut up tops below are by With Asian Stereotypes. The white one she calls "I dreamed I was a werewolf".

And this one Fashion Zombie.

This one is her Pleasure Principle skulls t-shirt inspired design. I love them all.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I did a black shredded top almost identical to that one at the top YEARS ago.Nobody seemed to appreciated it at the time, but if i wore it now, I would be considered very fashionable! I used to wear shredded black armwarmers too! (thinking i may do that again now!) Isn't it funny how trends change?

  2. Trends are funny like that.. They also spin in cycles, so things you´ve made or worn years ago might suddenly be very fashionable again. A bit evolved usually. Where did you get the idea for your tee years back?

  3. You know, I'm not even sure where i got the idea! I think I saw some rockstar on TV with shredded up clothes, and decided to try. Then I just shredded EVERYTHING because it's so much fun to do!
    I guess my lesson here is to hang on to all my clothes, just in case!
    P.s I absolutely LOVE this blog by the way :)
    On Burda "how to", I saw a dress you made from ties- it was amazing!