Steampunk goggles by EDM Designs

Steampunkers have used goggles and glasses like these for years. I wonder how long it takes until the rest of the fashion bloggers realize how cool these are and combine them with modern looks. Plus they´re unisex. Sea Of Shoes wrote about steampunk goggles and I hope others follow. These babies can be found at Edmdesigns shop in Etsy. Found via Sea of Shoes.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Beautiful goggles. Thanks for this post. There's an awesome green tinted pair for sale I'd die to have - then I found their necklaces... There's one made from an old pocket watch with a spinning propeller - it is outrageous. I've never seen jewelry like this - THANKS!!

  2. If you go to homepage and search for "steampunk" you can see all sort of similar goods from different sellers! Jewelry, accessories, clothing. All handmade and unique :) Steampunk is one of my favorite dressing up gendres!!

  3. And if you want to know more about this gendre, check out the other posts I´ve made on steampunk style and products.

  4. I was disappointed when I read this to find that the brown leather pair pictured here were sold, then I just checked back and saw this new pair available...

    Hope no one grabs them before pay day!