Toad Tree Studio aka Nicole Deponte wearable necktie art

Obi-belts became trendy after Louis Vuitton introduced them again on their Summer 2009 collection. I will never buy an LV obi-belt but I do recognize the trendiness of piece. If you have an Etsy shop and know how to make obi-belts, I suggest you start making them! I´m 100% sure I´m not the only one looking for handmade LV-inspired obis this summer. Guaranteed sales.

After searching the Etsy shops for handmade obi-belts I stumbled across Nicole Deponte´s shop Toad Tree Studio. The makes obi belts from recycled neckties and collar pieces she calls neck kerchiefs.

From her Etsy profile:
"Nicole Deponte is a multi-talented artist and designer, creating one of a kind accessories for over five years. In 2008 she launched her lilian asterfield collection, redefining the tie and her flare for the vintage. She currently works as a fine artist, freelance window dresser, accessory designer, and fashion consultant. Visit her website to see more of her beautiful designs at"

Nicole Deponte´s neck kerchiefs and obi-belts from recycled neckties:

Louis Vuitton Summer 2009 obi belts:

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I've met her, she is so cool as is her stuff!
    love it

  2. I've got 2 vintage handmade obi belts in my shop. They were made from leftover pieces of textured leather.