Animal prints inspiration

I found these so-over-the-top-that-they-are-cool panther patterned shoes from the fleamarket last week for only 7 euro. Now they are my favorite heels. For a long time I did not like animal rints because to me they looked somewhat cheap.. The shoes are ok, but wearing a full on panther or zebra patterned shirt sounds still odd. Then I found this Vogue Nippon December 2006 editorial from Le Fashion. The leopard jersey long sleeve shirt looks very fresh with the plaided shirt and black leather skirt. I need to find me some secondhand animal print...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I adore your leopard shoes! I guess animal print is one of those things that seduce slowly but surely, I used to think it's tacky and cheap, but now I'm constantly on the hunt for fabulous second hand pieces. Thing is, I think animal print works best on luxurious fabrics, silks and such, so I don't actually OWN that many pieces. Dreaming of a silky zebra overall...

  2. I never liked animal prints until recently also- now I am crazy for them. Dying to find some shoes- your boots are great! A skirt would be nice as well.