Inspiration - Täti Moonika

Vogue USA February 2009:

LULA Magazine March 2009:

Get the look Trashion-style:
straw hat
plaid shirt
corset, reconstructed from a jacket
obi-belt, from leftover metallic fabric
skirt, reconstructed from a full length A-line skirt
jewelry, from zippers, ribbons and diamond brooches
wooden bangles, thrifted

My favorite LP as a kid was "Täti Monika" (Engl. Aunt Monica). It is a Finnish childrens song about your funny aunt who loved to dress up and go shopping with her pretty hat and handbag swinging. We loved to pretend to be her while dressing up (at age 7) in my grandmothers dresses, party shoes, jewelry and evening bags. A little frumpy and maybe a bit too big, but we felt such ladies! Marc Jacobs Summer 2009 collection reminded me of this lovely time and I need to make this look for myself this summer.

Later edit: Moohoop, your interpetation of this Marc Jacobs SS09 look rocks!

Picture from Moohoop´s blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi, delurking for just a bit. :) Funny how you make this post, since I recently tried to channel Marc Jacobs here:

  2. Poseeraako nuissa parissa kuvassa Skinsin ihana Cassie?