Shoulder play at Notes On Becoming Fearless

Hannah Marshall is the designer of this gorgeous leather shouldered dream she calls "Armour Dress". It´s from her fall 2008 collection. This is one of the dresses that I wanted to make for myself as soon as I saw it. I was so happy to find Notes On Becoming Fearless has made her version of the design. Now we know what to do with all those exra shoulder pads cut out from thrifted 80´s clothes. Cover them in leather and become the ultimate margiela styled fashion quarterback!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. LOVE Mathilde's amazing crafty genius she displays so beautifully in her blog, including this Hannah Marshall inspired top! :)

    LOVE your blog too, how I wish I could make that amazing zipper necklace (must first buy a mannequin...)

  2. OMG I had the exact same idea when I first saw that dress. She did a great job with hers! I already have a few shoulder pads collected and this has given me the motivation to actually start making this.