This Ain’t No Disco Couture

You propably noticed I changed my blog header image a few days ago. It´s supposed to be a sarcastic statement on trashion since making dresses out of something like bubble wrap, newspaper or black plastic trash bags is the last thing I´d like to be assosiated with the gendre. Sometimes I think many tend to take the concept of trashion a bit too literately (trash + fashion = trashion). In my mind using secondhand, thrifted or recycled materials in your projects does not mean you should forget about the design and wearability of the garment or piece. I write this blog in order to find and present you with inspirational, new and unusual materials to use in your projects but also to keep the level of design high. I want to prove the world DIY is superstylish and better than ordinary fashion. Finding the Ziad Ghanem Couture collections today via Haute Macabre was a real treat. Why can´t designers make dresses like this for recycle-fashion shows and sustainable events?? They would get so much more serious press and editorial coverage than the bubble wrap dresses.. And unfortunately we all need publicity to promote our cause. Well some do and some don´t. But who am I to define this gendre and how it should be portrayed..? Feel free to disagree with me on this subject.

Fall 2008 DIY inpired collection called "This Ain’t No Disco".

Summer 2007 couture collection "The 120 days of sodom".

Photos by Ram Shergill.

Outi Les Pyy

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