DIY idea - Isabel Marant chain boots

Seen on Fashion Spot forums: "CERTAIN things are simply recession-proof. Isabel Marant’s taupe suede boots with chains wrapped around the ankle are among them. The French designer, whose bohemian-cool clothing has a cult following, showed them with every look on her spring runway; they’ve since become a sensation of sorts, selling out before they even hit stores." Go que, buy and pay 1000 dollars for these if you´ve got it. I see only DIY here, as usual. It´s available worldwide and does not require queing or a valid credit card :)

The Dopeness made similar chain decorated moccasins for herself last November.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I made something similar a few months ago!

  2. Great idea, money saver and a bit more original. Love it xxxxxxxxx

  3. it looks awesome. Arraso.

  4. We DIY'd these!!!!